5 Low Water Pressure Solutions

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Having low water pressure can be a draining experience. It can make an everyday activity take twice as long. Washing your hands, getting all the suds of shampoo washed out of your hair, even washing dishes can all become time-consuming chores. Water pressure is something you have to deal with on a daily basis but there are ways to give your low water pressure a boost.

  1. Adjust the pressure switch
  2. Clean out your faucet aerators
  3. Check for mineral buildup
  4. Look into a booster pump
  5. Pipe replacement

Defining the problem

Determine if you are on a municipal or individual water well. If you are on an individual water well, it could be as simple as adjusting the pressure switch to increase the water pressure. If you are on a municipal water system, it’s not quite as easy. First, check with your local provider to see if they are having a water pressure problem. If it is not a system problem, there are a few other things you might consider.

The problem could be something minor like needing to clean out your faucet aerators. These are located at the end of the faucet where the water exits. Simply unscrew this end piece and check for mineral buildup and debris. If you find anything like this, remove it and replace the aerator.

If the aerators are clear, it might be that your pipes are corroded with iron or mineral buildup. You can call a qualified plumber to inspect your pipes and check for possible mineral buildup. They may perform a system flush to clear existing, corroded water lines.

If everything checks out, it may be that you are in need of a booster pump and tank system. This pump will take the low pressure that you have on the incoming side, and boost it to the desired pressure on the discharge side – thus increasing your water pressure.

Finally, in a few extreme cases the pipes either cannot be cleared or they have too much corrosion to risk cleaning with the chemicals required. This would necessitate pipe replacement. Typically this would only be the case if the plumbing is very old or you live in an area with excessive mineral content. A good filtration or water treatment system can help prevent pipe corrosion and mineral buildup in plumbing.

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