What Causes Drain Clogs

clogged drain

Does it seem like you are constantly cleaning the drains in your house? If it seems like only yesterday you cleaned the drains, some minor changes in habits can help with clogged drains and prevent needing additional drain cleaning services help.

1. Dumping Grease

Grease dumped through your kitchen sink can harden after cooling down. Then once the kitchen sink clogs up, washing dishes is that much more tedious. Consider this; you can reuse vegetable, canola, and peanut oil along with fats like bacon and duck. Pour them into a jar for storage and reuse. Alternatively pour grease into a container, put in the fridge until it hardens from cooling, and then safely scoop out of the container into the trash.

2. Cold Weather

On abnormally wintery days (at least for San Antonio) if vent pipes freeze, the drains connected to those pipes may seem like they are clogged. In these cases there are multiple solutions:

  • pouring hot water down the drain
  • heat the pipe with a hair dryer,
  • wrap hot water soaked towels around the frozen pipe

3. Toilet Paper

Too much TP can clog the toilets in your home. The larger the amount of toilet paper, the more difficult it is to dissolve into the water. Heavier and plush lines of toilet paper can also clog the toilet drains. Only use as much toilet paper as necessary.

4. Hair

Your bathroom shower and sink require drain cleaning as shed and shaved hair accumulates. Larger strands of hair can bunch up leading to clogged drains. Soap scum can also pile up on the walls of pipes.

Drano won’t solve every drainage issue particularly with hair so you may need to reach out to a drain cleaning company. Purchase drain filters or strainers and clean them after shower use to prevent clogged bathroom drains.

5. Food

Some garbage disposals can have a tough time with certain foods like peeled potato skins. Other foods like rice only expand in the presence of water. Once the drain is in dire need of cleaning, a plumber may be the only solution.

Avoid any foods going down the drain and compost wherever possible. Instead, consider composting food wastes like coffee grounds and eggshells along with fruits and veggies. To avoid odors and animals getting to your compost pile keep fatty wastes like grease and meat out. A drain filter can also be handy to put in the kitchen sink.

6. Kids

You’ve probably heard the famous trope of the kid constantly asking mom or dad “Why?” over and over again on TV or with your children. Many kids are very curious.

With that curiosity sometimes comes trouble when a kid wants to see what they can put through the drain. Toys are often the most common thing that kids dump down the sink. In this case, to clear the line you will need to reach out to a drain cleaning company.

For drain cleaning services in the San Antonio area, contact us today to get your kitchen and bathroom pipes running smoothly.

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