Do You Need Sump Pump Installation?

Repairing a sump pump in a basementIt’s spring shower season – do you have a sump pump? If you have a home with an underground structure, you may need to flood-proof it with a sump pump. Have any questions about sump pumps? Do not hesitate to call On Time Elmer!

What is a Sump Pump?

Sump pumps, which are commonly found in basements, push out water collected in its basin, then redirect it outside. What is a sump pump basin? It’s located below the floor of your underground structure – that’s where the water will spill into once it invades your home or business.

Sump Pump Pointers

After sump pump installation is complete, you aren’t off the hook yet. Be sure to get an alarm that will trigger once your flood water reaches a certain height. Also make sure you have battery backup in case the electricity goes out. Finally, make sure you test the sump pump routinely and ensure the valve works.

Other Solutions

Boost your protection against flood damage by keeping gutters, drains and downspouts clean. Think of other ways you can keep the water out of your home or business, such as diverting outside water into a pond. Finally, level slabs are your best bet, and be sure to keep an eye out for slab leaks.

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