How to Fix a Wobbly Toilet


Have you ever sat down to use the bathroom and found yourself swaying from side to side because the toilet is wobbling around? Not-so-fun fact: A wobbly toilet is likely to become a leaky toilet, and a leaky toilet can cause a whole mess of problems. If you’re toilet is wobbling, you’ll want to fix it right away. How do you fix a rocking throne? It’s relatively simple but requires a few important steps that shouldn’t be skipped.

Toilets typically wobble when they’re incorrectly or loosely bolted to the ground. Your first step should be to tighten the bolts closest to the floor using your hands and then slightly with a wrench. Be careful to not make them too tight because they can, and will, break if this happens.

If this fails, you can try using toilet shims. Loosen the bolts you just tightened, and locate the source of the wobble. The slightest gap between the toilet and the floor can be the root of the cause.

Lift your toilet to widen the gap, and insert the toilet shims to properly level the lou. Once your toilet is snug and not rocking, use a knife to trim the excess edges of the shims and then use caulk to seal the toilet to the ground.

You’ll also want to check for any leakage. If you have a leaky, wobbly toilet, it may be time to call a plumber. This could indicate an issue with the toilet flange. You’ll want to avoid having to fix this yourself. Fixing a corroded, broken or bent flange requires turning off the water supply and removing the toilet. This can be difficult and require multiple people so it’s best to hire a professional to fix this issue.

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