Help Your Energy Bill: Programmable Thermostats

We’re almost through July, usually the hottest month of the year for many states. But here in Texas, August is just as bad. So On Time Elmer has some advice to help with your monthly electric bill. Consider a programmable thermostat for your air conditioning system.

A programmable thermostat takes all the work out of making mindful lifestyle changes. You set it up once, and that’s all it takes. It also guarantees the thermostat is turned up a bit when you leave for work and is cool enough when you return home. For instance, my thermostat is programmed to set at 82 at 9am and goes back down to 78 at 4:30pm.

Remember, you don’t want to turn your air conditioner completely off when you leave for the day. That means your AC has to work overtime to get rid of the humidity and heat trapped in the home when you turn it back on. A programmable thermostat makes it easy. It’s really a no brainer for someone conscious of their spending and energy consumption.

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