How Often Should You Get Water Softener Maintenance?

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So, how often should you contact a water softener company for maintenance?

We recommend an annual checkup for a variety of reasons including:


A water softener company can clear out the brine tank and add more resin if necessary. During water softener maintenance we also check for salt build-up and do any necessary sanitation. If you begin to see the symptoms of hard water, such as spots on dishes and clothes ran through the washer, that’s a likely sign the water softener is not processing salt as it should.

Save Money on Water Utility Bills

During an annual water maintenance check-up, a plumbing professional can review the valve settings, so your softener regenerates less often. You may be using less water as children move out or any other change in living situation where this minor change can save you money on your future water bills.

However note if your water conditioner automatically readjusts based on consumption, changing your valve settings may not be necessary.

You can also save you money on cleaning products like detergent and soap as a properly working water softener requires less of each.

Review of Your Water Softener System’s Parts

Water softener repair, in this case, is a necessity. During a routine maintenance, plumbing professionals can check to see if you need replacement parts as over time o-rings and other pieces wear down. The valve may also need maintenance.

Water Testing

Changes to your local municipal water plants can affect the water you receive. Or you notice the water in your home is hard. A professional can have your water tested for hardness and the presence of iron, chlorine, nitrates, and alkalinity. After testing, they may adjust your system settings or install additional equipment.

When to Immediately Contact a Water Softener Company

Contact a water treatment team right today if you detect:

  • A sudden change in water quality whether it’s an odor, presence of minerals, discoloration, or hard water
  • Spots on recently cleaned dishes and laundry due to hard water
  • Softener salt building up in the tank

For homeowners in San Antonio needing water softener repair, maintenance, or installation, contact us today to get started.

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