How to Dispose of Cooking Oil

Dirty frying pan

Cooking oil is a necessity in a household where cooking is done. It’s easy to use but sometimes we don’t know what to do with it when we are finished. We’re told by our mothers and fathers not to dump cooking oil down the drain because it will clog. Is this an actual fact or just a myth?

This is actually true. Grease and oil can get stuck in the pipes when disposed of improperly. This can cause the pipes to eventually burst, and then flood your house. That’s no good.

We’re here to help. To try to eliminate any potential plumbing problems, On Time Elmer has some tips on how to dispose of cooking oil.

Throw It Away

When you are done cooking, you can leave the oil in the pan long enough to thicken a little, or pour it straight into a jar or other container. It will then become a solid when it cools, making it very easy to throw in the garbage. This is probably the most common method used for disposing of grease.

Freeze and Reuse

Another trick that many people don’t think about is saving the oil, storing it in the freezer and using it for another dish. Make sure to strain the oil or grease of any leftover food particles. If you are fond of recycling, you might want to try this method.

There also might be a recycling center in your area that will accept grease. This is probably the most eco-friendly method to make sure your cooking oil is disposed of properly.

Whatever you do, listen to your mother and do not put kitchen grease or cooking oil down the drain! If you have any other questions about disposing waste or kitchen plumbing problems, don’t hesitate to call On Time Elmer today!

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