How to Plunge a Toilet

How to Plunge a Toilet

In the history of modern man, there have been many obstacles we’ve had to face. Disease, war and famine have all caused horror to humans that are incomparable to household troubles. However, do not underestimate the horror that could lie in your toilet. Nor should you underestimate the work that needs to be put in in order to correct your toilet horror. Knowing how to plunge a toilet is something anybody can find handy to make their lives just a little less horrific in the bathroom.


The first step to plunging a toilet would be to figure out what it is that is clogging the toilet. Whether it be human waste or human error, this is important to know. If it is fecal matter, then plunging shouldn’t be that difficult an ordeal. However, if something more solid was flushed down the toilet, then that should be taken into consideration. Also, it could be wise to cover the floor surrounding the toilet with something to soak up possible water overflow, perhaps a towel.

The Act

When you decide to plunge your toilet, a few things need to be considered. The first thing is the quality of your plunger. If it old or broken, it may prove to be ineffective. There are several types of plungers nowadays, including the classic sink plunger, the toilet plunger and the accordion plunger, among others. Flexibility and suction should be taken into account when deciding your plunger of choice.

When you put in your plunger, get it as far into the toilet bowl as you can. When suction is achieved, bob the instrument up and down. Eventually, the suction force should move whatever is blocking the pipes to the point where the problem is solved.


After you have plunged your toilet, flush and see what happens. If it takes, then you may have solved your problem. If it doesn’t flush, then you can try plunging again. If that doesn’t take, then other methods should be considered. There are products you can buy that could help smooth out the problem. If that doesn’t work, local plumbing professionals may be needed. On Time Elmer of San Antonio, Texas can get your toilet back in working order in no time flat.

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