How To Prevent Your Plumbing Seals From Cracking

plumbing gasket

Home plumbing systems are much more complex than people tend to give them credit for. Plumbing systems deal with more than just a system of pipes and tubes. It also includes every nut, hose, fixture, and gasket that is used to connect the piping and achieve a continuously flowing stream of pipeline. Gaskets create airtight seals in the fixtures to prevent leaking in the plumbing system.

Unfortunately, these parts are often comprised of rubber components that are liable to become dried out and then crack, causing further issues for you to deal with down the road, especially if they are not frequently used.

Dried/Cracked Rubber Seals

“Rubber seals and hoses, unfortunately, do not last forever,” said William Mauzy, owner of a Minneapolis Law Firm. He continues, “Eventually they will need replacing, even more so if you are not keeping up with regular maintenance. Leaving your seals and hoses unattended to overtime will eventually cause leaks and cracks to occur, forcing you to call in an emergency repair.”

In order to maintain the lifespan and quality of your gaskets and hoses, it is important that you not expose your plumbing to extended periods without running water. This can cause the pipes to dry out even faster. When you are away from home for an extended period, such as a business trip or a vacation, have a friend or family member come by the house a few times to run the water and check that everything is working properly. This lowers the risk of your pipes becoming dried out and your seals becoming cracked.

Broken Gaskets

“Unlike rubber seals and hoses, damaged gaskets actually make for a relatively simple plumbing repair, depending on the design of your system,” said Mark Lindgren, the owner of a Minneapolis IT Services Company. The specific style and design of your hose hookups, faucets, and fixtures will affect which mechanisms you can use for repair, but generally all you have to do is remove the old or damaged gasket and replace it with a new one. Just remember to top if off with a new, correctly sized seal.

Remember The Plumbing When Buying a New Home

Whenever you are thinking about purchasing a new home, the condition of the plumbing system should always be a major concern, especially if the residence has been empty for some time. In this case, the water system has likely been turned off for an extended period of time, which may have contributed to further damage in the piping and affected its integrity.

Before you make your final decision or put any money down, have the current owner or property manager turn the water back on for a few days before having the house inspected. This way you can spot any cracks or leaks that may be occurring on account of a cracked hose or gasket.

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