How to Use a Ceiling Fan During the Winter

Here in south Texas, ceiling fans are an important piece of the puzzle to keep cool during the summer. The breeze created by a fan works just like a strong breeze on a hot day – it cools the skin (taking some of the burden off your air conditioner), even if it doesn’t lower the room temperature.

But did you know you can also use your ceiling fan during the winter months? Here’s some advice from On Time Elmer:

Most ceiling fans have a reverse switch on the motor. It switches the blades from counterclockwise (the direction you want during the summer) to clockwise (the direction you want during the winter). According to Energy Star, the clockwise motion will create a gentle updraft, and it pushes warmer air down from the ceiling to where you are sitting or standing.

Using the ceiling fan during these cold months can help cut down energy costs. Lower your thermostat a degree or two when using a fan correctly during the winter. But don’t forget to turn off the fan when you leave a room. Fans don’t affect room temperature, so it’s simply wasting energy to leave them on in rooms that no one is occupying.

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