Product Spotlight: Dual Fuel Heat Pump Systems

Have you heard of a dual fuel air conditioning and heating system? It’s one of the many energy-efficient options that’s becoming more and more popular with homeowners. On Time Elmer offers an Amana dual-fuel system that allows for flexibility when you need to heat your home.

Here’s the beauty of a dual-fuel system. It has both a heat pump and a gas furnace. So when you need air conditioning, which is much of the year here in San Antonio, the heat pump efficiently cools the air in your home. And when you need just the right amount of heat, which is the majority of the winter here in San Antonio, the heat pump takes care of that as well. But on those days when it’s really cold, the dual-fuel system will activate the gas furnace to heat your home.

Best of all, both fuel options are efficient, and the dual-fuel unit makes the decision for you as to which one is needed.

If you’re interested in more information on a dual-fuel AC and heating system, give On Time Elmer a call today at (210) 333-5637.

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