Questions to Ask Plumbers During an Emergency

emergency plumber repairing pipe at home

A plumbing emergency is one of the more stressful things to deal with related to your home. Depending on the severity and time sensitivity you are dealing with a scale of damage.  This scale only goes up the more time sensitive your emergency is. When you need to get a professional emergency plumber though there are critical questions you need to be asking.

How soon can you arrive?

In the case of an emergency like in-house flooding, time is very critical. Depending on how soon the plumber can get to your home, more property damage can occur. In the case of an overnight emergency, you need a 24/7 emergency plumbing service company.

What is the amount you charge for emergencies?

Get the emergency fee amount that they will charge on top of actual services rendered. If you don’t need someone immediate help, save some money and call the next day.

Do you charge for estimates?

Find out their policy on offering estimates during emergencies. It sometimes can be difficult to assess an estimate when an issue occurring can be widespread in an emergency. However, check with them before hiring.   

Do they specialize in any particular services?

Some emergency plumbers only offer services for problems happening inside your home. Sewer leaks and other issues happening outdoors don’t fit in many companies’ specialties.   

Do you include a warranty with your work?

You should also ask if any new parts or equipment installed during an emergency have a manufacturer warranty.

Are you bonded?

Any plumbing company doing emergency services should be bonded. In case a plumber damages something during their visit, a plumber contractor bond protects you.   

Are you qualified and properly licensed to work in this state?

The state of Texas requires plumbing companies to have a Responsible Master Plumber’s license. Some companies may be operating illegally so confirm they demonstrated the proper qualifications to obtain the license. Avoid an unnecessary bill. You’ll likely end up having to hire a qualified plumber if you end up with an improperly trained one first.   

Does your company have Worker’s compensation?

What happens if a plumber gets injured attempting to fix an issue in your home? It’ll be your homeowner’s insurance paying for it if the company doesn’t insure its employees.

For 24/7 emergency plumbing service in the San Antonio area, reach out to our team at On Time Elmer Plumbing today.

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