Heat Pump Water Heater

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heat pump water heater

For extreme energy savings, a heat pump water heater in San Antonio provides up to three times the efficiency and are more affordable to maintain. Powered by electricity, natural gas or geothermal energy, heat pump water heaters have multiple settings in which the power source can be switched around, hence the name “hybrid water heater.”

What Are Hybrid Water Heaters?

While heat pumps are often used to heat and cool homes, they can also be used to heat water. Rather than generating heat on their own, heat pumps simply move the heat around (think of a refrigerator, but in the reverse). While water heaters can be retrofitted with a heat pump, heat pump water heaters in San Antonio are becoming an increasingly popular choice to really amp up the energy savings.

The four modes of the hybrid water heater include:

  • Efficiency/Economy – Uses only the heat pump to heat water, maximizing energy efficiency.
  • Auto/Hybrid – Using sustained heat, a good default setting for daily use.
  • Electric/Heater – Best for high-demand periods of the day, this setting relies on traditional power.
  • Vacation & Timer – Available on some models, this allows you to put your water heater in sleep mode while you’re away.

Hybrid Water Heater Facts

Here are some more things to know about heat pump water heaters in San Antonio:

  • Heat pump water heaters are 2-3 times more energy efficient than a storage water heater
  • Hybrid water heaters incur lower operating costs than traditional water heater solutions.
  • Homeowners can save at least $300 a year on their electric bills by using a heat pump water heater.

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