Sewer Cleaning

in San Antonio, TX

Sewer Cleaning San Antonio

Sewer Cleaning San Antonio

Think of everything you flush, wash, clean away and rinse down your drain. Over time, blockage can develop within your sewer. While you can’t see the blockage, it will usually manifest itself in slow draining sinks in your kitchen and toilets and tubs in your bathroom across your home. At On Time Elmer, clogged drains are the reason for the majority of our appointments. Our plumbers specialize in the fast and proper clearing of drains and sewers. A professional sewer cleaning is much more than a plumbing repair – it is maintenance for the future.

Oil, grease, hair and excessive amounts of toilet paper are the common culprits for sewer line clogs. Instead of relying on harsh chemicals you find at the grocery store (that can damage your plumbing) to clear your drain, steer clear of them altogether by following smart drain etiquette and sewer cleaning San Antonio deserves.

Try Our Drain Camera Today for $89!

The Elmer Cam is a drain camera that we take into your pipes to get to the root of what’s causing your issues. The drain and sewer camera has become one of the most valuable tools of our trade. If you think you have a blockage, we can send out one of our trained specialists to inspect and address the issue using this incredibly helpful tool.

Sewer Cleaning Repair Services

  • Drain covers to catch hair can be purchased for less than $10.
  • Let grease solidify in a tin foil-lined can, and throw it away in the regular trash.
  • Pour oils that won’t solidify into a non-recyclable bottle. Seal the lid and throw it away.
  • Never flush paper towels, tissues, baby wipes or face cleansing wipes.

If a sewer line clog develops in your home, call the plumbers in pink! On Time Elmer serves San Antonio and the surrounding areas of Windcrest, New Braunfels and Shavano Park. Check out our plumbing coupons page for ways to save on your San Antonio plumbing services.


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Sewer Cleaning

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Tarasa O. on 6/14/2015 | Rating:

“Our water heater went out yesterday and Matt was here from On Time Elmer within an hour to do an estimate. Once we figured out what we needed to do, the installers were here within a couple of hours to install the new water heater. We are very happy with the service. Thank you all very much, you’re a step above the rest!”

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