Tankless Water Heaters

in San Antonio, TX

tankless water heater

Never run out of hot water again with tankless water heaters in San Antonio that will slash your water and electric bills. The friendly, punctual plumbers at On Time Elmer will help you decide on the best fit for your home. After installation, we’ll be there for maintenance and repairs for the lifetime of your tankless water heater.

Our punctual plumbers specialize in the installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of all makes and models of tankless water heaters in San Antonio. As about our Plumbing Service Repair Club to add to the savings you’ll get by calling On Time Elmer Plumbing today!

What Is A Tankless Water Heater?

Tankless water heaters heat water on-demand through a pipe, with either gas or electricity as the energy source. As a result, tankless water heaters provide an endless supply of hot water while saving homeowners water and energy costs.

Here are some of the reasons homeowners are switching to tankless water heaters in San Antonio:

  • Water and energy savings
  • Compact design
  • Lasts more than 20 years
  • Rebates and other cash incentives
  • Available for electric, gas or propane connections

Tankless Water Heater Facts

Ready to outfit your San Antonio home with a tankless water heater? Here are some more reasons to consider making the switch:

  • The average household uses 64 gallons of water a day.
  • Homeowners spend on average $400-600 a year is spent on water heating
  • Home water heating is the second largest expense
  • 8-34% of the average utility bill goes to home water heating
  • Homeowners can save at least $100 a year by switching to a tankless water heater.

About On Time Elmer

On Time Elmer provides tankless water heaters in San Antonio, as well as a variety of other plumbing services. From kitchen and bathroom plumbing to slab leak repairs and water softeners, we’ve got you covered. Don’t forget to ask about our senior and military discounts, as well as our Plumbing Service Care Club. For an endless supply of hot water on the go, call On Time Elmer today!

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