Signs of a Slab Leak

Slab leak detection is hard to identify as issues begin in a home’s foundation. When they remain undetected, they can lead to:

  • damaged floors, walls, and furniture
  • soil erosion  
  • collapsed foundations    

All of which are far more costly than catching a slab leak when it’s small.    

What Causes A Slab Leak

Many San Antonio homes have a concrete foundation. Within the foundation are your homes’ pipes connecting to the inside of your home. One leak in that stretch of pipes can cause major foundation issues requiring slab leak repair.

Here are some of the common symptoms requiring slab leak repair. Keep in mind though at the sign of these you should immediately contact a local plumbing company.     

If you’re not using a sink or shower and hearing running water that’s one of the more reoccurring signs we see. Possible slab leak issues can also show in home flooring including discolored tiles and wet carpets. If a particular spot of the floor seems unusually warm that may be a hot water line leak. As water accumulates in your foundation mildew and even mold can build up on your home’s floor and walls indicated by musty odors.    

Slab repair can also be necessary at the sign of cracks whether it’s in the walls, flooring, or even foundation.    

A somewhat less obvious sign to also be aware of is uneven grass growth around the foundation. If that area of grass isn’t growing at the same rate, there may be soil erosion occurring due to a leak. And no one wants dead plants or grass.

Another sign that puts immediate stress on your wallet (beyond larger slab leak issues left unrepaired) is unusually high monthly water bills. Any unexpected increases that seem inexplicable could be due to a slab leak happening around your home or pool. Contacting an experienced plumbing company is your best bet to pinpoint the issue.    

If you indeed have a slab leak, an experienced plumber can also work with you to try to resolve any issues in a way that’s minimally invasive and cost friendly as possible. Generally, the sooner you discover an issue, the less invasive repairs will be.   

Through modern equipment, many leaks can be detected without taking apart a pool deck or slab. When a plumber locates the leak, depending on the severity, the amount necessary to remove from a home can be as small as a single tile on the floor.    

If you believe you have a slab leak in your San Antonio area home, contact us today


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