Spring Plumbing Check-Up Quiz

It’s time for spring cleaning, and a plumbing check-up is the best way to avoid a slippery situation. Do you know what to do? Check out this quiz to find out! If you have any questions, as always, don’t hesitate to call On Time Elmer.


1. Three of the most important things to seasonally check are:

A. Appliances, drips/leaks, and lost money in the sewer
B. Appliances, drips/leaks, and outside drains/gutters
C. Drips/leaks, new washing machine color, and outside drains/gutters
D. Appliances, outside drains/gutters, and paranormal activity in the faucets

2. It’s time to check your sump pump if you have one. Where is it most likely?

A. Behind your refrigerator
B. In the trunk of the car
C. In the basement
D. Under the bathroom sink

3. When checking your water heater, what is the threshold temperature to prevent scalding and save energy?

A. 120°F
B. 75°F
C. 99°F
D. 150°F

4. To remove mineral deposits from faucets and shower heads, it is best to soak them in:

A. Water
B. Bleach
C. Vinegar
D. Beer

5. Are toilet cracks cause for concern?

A. No, it’s just normal wear-and-tear
B. Yes, they lead to leaks.

6. To test your toilet for hidden leaks, put 6 drops of the following in your tank and check to see if it shows up in the bowl:

A. Olive oil
B. Big Red
C. Food coloring
D. Watercolors

7. When is your water heater considered old and may need to be replaced?

A. 5 years
B. 10 years
C. 15 years
D. 20 years

Even the most updated homes still have emergencies – that’s what we’re here for! Learn more about our emergency services, and don’t hesitate to call us at (210) 446-0000.

Answers: B, C, A, C, B, C, C

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