Summer Energy Tips to Help Your AC System

Temperatures are in the low to mid 90s this week, and it looks like the traditional summer temperatures are just around the corner. So now’s the time to start thinking of ways to conserve energy and help your air conditioning system, hopefully eliminating things like AC repair calls when there are triple digit temperatures outside.

Here are a few tips from US Department of Energy, courtesy of your friends at On Time Elmer.

Keep the curtains and blinds shut during the day. Yes, you’re letting in light with the curtains/blinds open, but you’re also letting in a lot of heat.

Install a programmable thermostat. These thermostats take out the stress of trying to remember turning up the thermostat when you leave and turning it down when you get home. Just set it, and don’t worry about it.

Turn off lights, TVs, etc. when you’re not using them.

Use the microwave as much as possible. Any time you use your oven, it’s introducing an intense amount of heat in your kitchen. Using the microwave helps your AC system not work as hard.

Make sure your windows and doors are closed when your air conditioner is running. It sounds like common sense, but we all let stuff like this slip occasionally.

Stay cool this summer!

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