Tankless Water Heaters Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


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Did you know up to 30 percent of your electricity bill comes from heating water? Hot water is a necessity for showers, laundry and washing dishes. Many of us feel pressure to be more economical by saving water and electricity in our homes, although this is not always an easy task.

Tankless water heaters work the same way traditional water heaters do – only without the tank. Here are some ways a tankless water heater can help reduce your carbon footprint.

Save energy.

This is more economically efficient because unlike a normal water heater, tankless heaters save energy by heating water only when needed. This eliminates the energy lost during standby.

Reduce waste.

Tankless water heaters last longer and are better for the environment because there is no rusty tank that might end up in a landfill. They also typically have a 15-year warranty versus a traditional water heater, which only offers about six years on average.

Tankless heaters are a good option when building a new home or remodeling a current one. Tankless heaters are also gaining popularity as a replacement for water heaters at their end of lives.

Save money.

When you need hot water, you probably do not mind the price you have to pay to get it, but a tankless water heater can help reduce your energy bill by almost $80 a year. This may not do much for your carbon footprint, but it can definitely help your wallet.

In today’s environment, we are cautiously watching what kind of carbon footprint we might leave behind. Consider a tankless water heater in your home and what benefits it can create for you. Always call On Time Elmer with any questions about your home’s plumbing, including things like how to be economically friendly!

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