Three Reasons to Replace Your Old AC System

On Time ElmerTrying to decide whether to repair an older air conditioner or replace it with a newer system is one of the harder decisions a homeowner has to make. Here at On Time Elmer, it’s a decision we try to help you with as much as possible.

Many times, the decision to repair simply comes down to cost. We understand not everyone can afford a new AC system, even if it’s with a low monthly payment. But there are other times a homeowner may truly be on the fence. So here are a few reasons to replace that old AC unit.

You’ll save money on your energy bill – Heating and cooling your home generally accounts for about 50-65% of your energy bill. A new, energy-efficient AC system can cut down on that portion of the bill by as much as 60%. This is obviously the most important reason to invest in a new air conditioner.

Your home isn’t comfortable – Why repair an air conditioner that doesn’t cool your home in the first place?

There’s too much noise – An older air conditioner can make a lot of noise. You may have gotten used to it over time, but a newer system can make living in your home so much more enjoyable.

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