Toilet Paper – Over vs Under

toilet paper

You would think that in 2016, when the world is facing its air share of controversies, that petty, little disagreements would be overlooked. Well…think again. It seems that the war between the different toilet paper orientations is a fairly big deal that can still get pretty heated. About 50 percent of people pay attention to toilet paper orientation, and 20 percent of people will change the orientation of the paper to the one they prefer.

So where do you stand on toilet paper – over vs under?

Of course, because so many are passionate about their paper, research has been done to determine what one’s preference says about his or her personality.

If you place your toilet paper over – which is about 70 percent of people – then you have more of a type-A personality. “Overs” are dominant personality and are more likely to take leadership roles. Also, a US survey found that 60 percent of people who made over $50,000 a year rolled over.

On the opposite end, people who prefer their toilet paper under are more submissive and easy-going. These people are more creative and artistic than “overs.” The same survey found 73 percent of people who made under $20,000 a year rolled under.

A team of engineers actually put together a chart that shows the pros and cons of each orientation, and both have their fair pros and cons. Ultimately, it comes down to preference.

Those who have no preference and are happy as long as toilet paper is present are peace-makers who want to minimize conflict. (And if you are someone who doesn’t even put the toilet paper on the role and instead places it on top of the counter, no matter what the toilet design, then you’re most likely a man. Hah!)

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