How to Turn Off Water to the House

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In an emergency, it is important to know where your water to shut off the water to your house and how to turn off water to the house. When houses are built, they are required to have a main water valve to be able to shut off the water. This is located inside the home and is included in initial construction.

For emergencies and/or repairs, shutting off the main water valve inside is usually all you need to do. These are often located in basements, crawl spaces or near the water heater or kitchen sink.

Once you find the main water valve, you can proceed to shut it off by turning the round handles clockwise. It may take two or more full turns. Then find the handle that looks like a straight lever, and turn it to be parallel with the pipe.

Next, turn on a faucet, like the one in the bathtub. This will relieve pressure to fully turn off the water. Continue turning on other faucets throughout your home to drain any remaining water.

Do not forget to turn off the water heater in your home as well.

To turn on the water valve again, make sure all the faucets all turned off except on the tub. This faucet should be turned on at the highest level.

Turn on valves about halfway and slowly, when water starts coming out of the faucets, turn off the faucet that is the most open.

Wait for the water pressure to stop making noises, where you can hear air escaping, and then fully open the valves.

Continue by turning on all faucets in your house and letting water come through them. Finish by turning on the water heater again.

Remember that all houses are built differently, and many homes have different plumbing arrangements that will determine how and where to shut off your main water.

If you still have plumbing problems with your piping or water, call On Time Elmer today.

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