Using Cameras for Drain and Sewer Line Inspection

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As technology continues to advance, one of the leading tools that take the guesswork out of our job is a drain camera. A plumbing camera can uncover things going on in the pipeline which are otherwise near impossible to identify without digging up the yard and taking apart the pipes.

Have you had repeated plumber visits over a short timespan? Or do you need to inspect the condition of a building’s sewer line before selling? In either scenario, it may be time for a camera line inspection.

Slowly draining water across your home or building’s sinks, showers, and toilets are all signs of a possible serious clog that may need a camera to pinpoint. It may uncover the current piping system is causing repeated clogs too.

Why You Should Get a Sewer Camera Inspection Before Buying or Selling a Home

For someone who just purchased a home or looking to sell their house, inspecting your pipes has all sorts of benefits before you complete a real estate transaction. When you buy a house, you try to make the most informed decision of what you’re getting and any potential renovation issues you may need to invest as part of the negotiated sales price.

Finding out your home clogs regularly due to inherent issues with the sewer lines after purchasing a home can financially put you behind the 8 ball. Discovering sagging pipelines or damage from root encroachment requires significant handy work and potential harm to surrounding landscape.

And from the perspective of a real estate agent, not giving a clear picture of the house you’re selling due to an incomplete inspection can severely damage your reputation.

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Not Just a Visual of the Inside Pipes

Sewer line inspection cameras can uncover all sorts of issues that may be going on before you decide to purchase a home. Going down your pipelines, a sewer camera inspection may show smaller pipes draining out into larger pipes which can lead to issues like pooling.

Drain cameras are not just optical though, less severe clogs can also be taken out directly using the camera. The camera, in that case, serves as a battering ram taking out the clog. There are much more possible uses too. Say a young child gets extra curious around the toilet and decides to flush down a valuable ring or the pet fish. A drain camera could track both down too.

Other things discovered using a camera that would impede your pipes include:

  • damaged lines
  • impeding tree roots
  • previous installation errors
  • grease buildup

For a sewer camera line inspection for a home or commercial building in San Antonio, contact us today. We’ll show you the video of what’s going on in your pipes and walk you through the next steps to fix the problem.

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