What’s My Best Water Heater Size?

water heater

Ever wonder about your water heater? As long as it works, probably not. It’s a fair guess that not many people really know much about their water heater, especially the best water heater size for their home. That is why this handy water heater-sizing guide is here – to inform about all these unknown questions. This is important. If your water heater is too small, then you’ll run out of hot water before breakfast. If you buy a water heater that’s too large, then you’re just wasting money. There are a few things to take into consideration for this issue. Here’s a water heater sizing guide from your friends at On Time Elmer Plumbing.

Type of Heater

There are three main types of water heaters – electric, gas, and hybrid. Each of those comes with their pros and cons. For example, electric heaters are mostly less expensive, while gas heaters are more efficient, and hybrid heaters are an in-between. They also have their differences as far as size. Electric heaters seem to have the widest range of gallon storage, while hybrids have the smallest. This is always something the customer needs to keep in mind.

Size of the Household

You generally need to allot about 10 gallons or more per person in your household when figuring out how big your tank needs to be. Of course, to be safe it is always wise to give leeway in whatever you choose.

Amount of Use

The 10-15 gallon size per person is more of a guide than anything. This is really a case-by-case sort of thing. If you live in a household that you know uses a ton of water, with people taking long showers and doing a lot of dishes, then aim high. If you live in a house with a little kid who refuses to take a bath, then keep that in mind. If you’re lucky that kid will eventually take showers, but until then be aware about the size of your water heater.

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