What Causes Noisy Water Pipes?

Plumbing contractor works sweating the joints on the copper pipe domestic water system on a luxury custom home

Water pipes are made to transport water through your home…quietly. What happens when your water pipes are noisy? It may sound like banging, hammering or rattling. Noisy water pipes can cause worry, fear and anger.

The good news is what actually causes noisy water pipes is rarely something that will cause a leak, a plumbing repair or anything other than a headache. Here are the most common culprits.

High Water Pressure

If the pipes make a banging noise when you turn the sink on, this is most often because of high water pressure. Typical water pressure in a home shouldn’t be more than 60 psi. A water pressure reducer valve can solve this problem.

Pipes That Are Too Close

Another cause of noisy pipes is when two pipes are too close together, and they touch. Pipe clips can cure this problem to keep the pipes from banging.

Worn Down Parts

If you notice the hot water specifically causing the noise, this could be a sign of the washers on the pipe wearing down.

Although your pipes are probably hidden deep in your walls, it can be reassuring to know that this common disturbance does not cause any actual damage. But that doesn’t mean it won’t annoy you. If your water pipe noises are still driving you crazy, call On Time Elmer today. And before you call, make sure to check out the benefits our Plumbing Service Care Club. We can get the problem fixed – and restore the peace and quiet in your home’s plumbing system.

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