What Homebuyers Should Review In Plumbing Systems Before Buying

sink plumbing inspection before buying house

The homebuying process is an exciting time, but if you overlooked the plumbing system in the home you are purchasing it can cause all sorts of issues down the line.

Check the following before buying (or if you get to the closing stage, your home inspector can review).


Flush the toilet in every bathroom. For toilets flushing unusually slow, take a look at the toilet tank water level to see if it’s low.

You can also ensure the toilet is stable and the base doesn’t need to be re-caulked.

Showers & Tubs

Turn on the showers to check out the water pressure. You can also measure the water pressure by purchasing a gauge that will check the pressure when attached to an outdoor hose bib. Measured in PSI (pressure per square inch), it shouldn’t be higher than 75. If the water feels hard or doesn’t drain properly, take note of that. Also, review the caulking around showers and tubs.


In addition to checking for abnormal water pressure, hard water, and drainage issues, look underneath sink cabinets for possible stains due to previous leaks.


Review the attic and crawl space for water damage, leaky pipes, or poorly done repairs. Proper ventilation will also help prevent moisture there from turning into mold or mildew.

Avoid homes with lead pipes. And make note if any odd noises are coming from the pipes.

Water Heater

Ask the owner when it was last serviced and how old the heater is for more mature homes. Review the heater for rust or calcified deposits. The thermostat of a properly functioning water heater should be 118 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep in mind though if a water heater is about to overheat the thermostat settings may not be accurate. However, you can verify if the water is unusually hot by simply turning on a faucet.

For new homebuyers in San Antonio, our team can check your plumbing system and provide regular maintenance. Contact us today.

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