Why You Should Regularly Change Your Air Filter

With the arrival of the much-anticipated fall weather, your air conditioner will get a nice break from its battle with the San Antonio heat in the coming weeks. Less work for your AC means you can cut back on changing your air filters to about every two months. At On Time Elmer, we recommend that you continue to check your filters every month, however. Unchecked dirt buildup can lead to wasted energy, heightened allergies, expensive maintenance or even system failure.

Don’t make your system work harder than it needs to

  • Dust and dirt buildup in your filter and vents will hinder the cooling and heating process, forcing your system to use more energy (that’s a higher electric bill for you!) to maintain your desired room temperature. A dirty filter will force your fan’s motor to work harder which can cause it to overheat and very possibly fail.

Allergies are miserable enough

  • Don’t give those dust, mold, animal dander, etc. allergies any extra help. A filter left unchanged isn’t going maintain the air quality that children, the allergy-prone and the asthmatic need to breathe comfortably.

Going green

You can efficiently enjoy the cooler weather and a lower energy bill by practicing proper air filter maintenance. It’s quick, easy and it just makes sense. So use your head and keep your filters clean.

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